Data Web Tect LLC was founded  with the core mission of enabling businesses by sourcing and recruiting top notch professionals in Information Technology and Software Development. In addition we specialize in developing custom solutions and consulting in Information Security to our customers. 

About Us

DataWebTect LLC was founded with the sole purpose of solving the customer needs. We work with all aspects like sourcing the resources, resource augmentation and developing custom solutions to our customers in IT.

DataWebTect LLC. is a leading consulting and IT services company, offering wide array  of solutions customized for various types of clients. DataWebTect has excellent competencies in all sorts of industries such as Healthcare, Banking, Financial to name a few.

We are part of the global technology consortium with offices in USA, Australia and India. Our partnership has enabled us to leverage more than 75 years of collective experience to assist and solve complex problems with innovative solutions. 


Cloud Consulting Services

We help our customers with technical support and consulting on building and operating systems, developing better machine learning models and setting up big data solutions using Google Cloud.

Our deep expertise and automated blueprints and processes can help you pinpoint where to start based on your business needs, legacy systems, in-house expertise and cloud objectives. We provide you the fastest time to value with GCP, whether it’s migrating you to GCP for the first time, providing 24×7 operational management of your GCP environments, or leveraging GCP solutions like BigQuery for business value through automation and analytics.

Integrate GCP’s solutions for big data like BigQuery seamlessly with your existing data infrastructure, with the help of our big data architects, engineers and consultants.

Automate your cloud operations, turn your data into insights and adopt new technology faster by leveraging cloud-only GCP solutions like Kubernetes.

Our Google Cloud Certified Architects create a blueprint and work with optimized offshore resources to get your digital transformation journey to cloud. We engage minimally and provide affordable services for small businesses.


Data Web Tect LLC

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