About Us

Data Web Tect LLC was founded with the sole purpose of solving the customer needs. We work with all aspects like sourcing the resources, resource augmentation and developing custom solutions to our customers in IT.

Data Web Tect LLC. is a leading consulting and IT services company, offering wide array  of solutions customized for various types of clients. Data Web Tect has excellent competencies in all sorts of industries such as Healthcare, Banking, Financial to name a few.

In the challenging market place Data Web Tect our consultants are completely trained in recruitment but also specialize in various industries, covering all areas of project managers, business analysts and application developers through to operations and support personnel.

IT services encompass:

  • Project managers
  • Application developers
  • System developers
  • Database developers
  • Business Analysts
  • System Analysts
  • System administrators
  • Technical writing

We work very closely with the clients and spend time with the recruiting managers in the clients location to understand the needs of the position. This provides a unique advantage of identifying the right candidates for the client. Then we identify the suitable candidates and do a preliminary screen to confirm candidates’ suitability for the position.