How to manage Mobile Apps?

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Mobile apps have a tendency to proliferate and get out of control. We are all guilty of downloading the apps if one of our friends or family says it is good. What we will not know is when they delete them. In addition, the app companies promote their apps through various channels like TV, YouTube etc., Somehow, these apps clutter our phones and get out of control. If we run out space, then we begin deleting them. In the past our only opportunity to clean up is when we upgraded the phone. For few years, we just started fresh and began adding the apps. This reduced the clutter to some extent but nowadays there is software to port all the apps to the new phone. Besides phone memory has become cheaper and there is no need for deleting the apps. Does this mean we just keep on hoarding the apps? No, all these apps track your activities, listen to your phone calls and sell your data. God knows what these providers do with that information. For an interesting perspective check out Jeffrey Deaver’s Novel Broken Window in which the villain uses the data aggregated by the data aggregation company to stalk his victims.

We can separate the apps into three categories:

  1. Must have – These are the banking apps, email apps, photo apps and productivity apps
  2. May be – social apps, I would keep one chat app like whatsapp, delete messenger, Instagram etc
  3. Not used anymore – game apps that may been used when popular e.g., Words with friends, Pokemon Go (trust me I found this few months ago)

These need to be checked on a monthly basis to see if there is a need for the app. It would take few minutes and will save your privacy. With that said, here are my top 10 apps.

  1. Flipboard – latest news
  2. Feedly – create your own feed of information
  3. Medium – tech articles
  4. Sticher – Only podcast app you need
  5. Google Keep – Reminder and notes app
  6. Bored Panda – potpourri of information
  7. Google arts & culture – interactively walk the museums in 3-D
  8. Simple Habit – Meditation app
  9. Be Focused – “Pomodaro” app, great for productivity
  10. Personal Capital – track your networth