Weekly Roundup Of Tech News – 5/9/2021

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  1. Software Development: US Supreme Court Rules on Key Software Development Practice
    • What: Supreme Court ruled in favor of Google about its usage of Java SE compatible programming interface for Android Development as “Fair Use” in a case filed by Oracle.
    • How: Even though Google used about four-tenths of a percentage of Java Code, and that such code was further incorporated into a totally different product was transformative enough use of the code at issue to qualify its fair use of that code.
    • Why it matters: What this means for the developers is that they can continue utilizing the open source APIs with the understanding that implementations matter more than the definition. As such a big win for the development community.
  2. Artificial Intelligence: USPS turns to AI to boost Package Processing
    • What: USPS handles roughly 129 billion pieces of mail and 7.3 billion packages last year. Tracking these have been difficult. A federal data scientist proposed to deploy the edge AI servers at the postal servicing processing centers system in an effort to gain and share more data points.
    • How: NVDIA working with USPS created Edge Computing Infrastructure Program or ECIP, a distributed edge AI system now running at USPS locations, via NVDIA EGX Platform.
    • Why it matters: The system used to take 8 to 10 people several days to track down items now takes one or two hours with the ECIP AI Program. This enables USPS to track down any item in transit to better manage the deliveries.
  3. Cryptocurrency:  Digital Dollar Project to launch currency pilots
    • What: U.S Nonprofit Digital Dollar Project said it will launch five pilot programs over next 12 months to test use cases for US Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
    • How: Private-sector pilots are funded by Accenture Plc and involve financial firms, retailers and NGOs to generate data to help US Policy makers develop digital dollar through central banks.
    • Why it matters: The data derived can pave way for creating US CBDC that will assert its place as a digital currency and will help larger adoption of cryptocurrencies by the mainstream population.