Google Cloud Professional Architect Certification Notes

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For the past several months, I have been enrolled in Coursera to learn Google Cloud courses thinking of getting my certification by end of third quarter of 2019. I am happy to announce I took the exam and completed the certification on 9/13. Prior to that I might have spent many hours of video content and google cloud documentation. It is amazing how Google has built the infrastructure services thoughtfully to solve each and every aspect of application development and hardware allocation in spite of being late entrant to the cloud offerings. In summary, my journey is below:

  1. Enrolled in Google Kickstart programs offered in collaboration with Coursera
  2. Completed challenge quests in Qwicklabs
  3. Took five practice exams in Udemy (hat tip to Nizam Guntakal for recommending it)
  4. Reviewed notes from fellow architect

Overall enjoyed the journey!

 See my certification.